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Alice in wonderland

Our 'Leavers in wonderland' party

Today we had our special wonderland party. Everyone was dressed up and a great time was had by all. We had a special tea party with 'drink me' pop and 'eat me' cookies, joined in dancing and took part in party games. We had a special ceremony where all the boys and girls were presented with a 'talking flower' from Wonderland and a story book.

We performed our Wonderland songs - "Cats and rabbits" and "5 little playing cards". We also got to take home specical un-birthday cupcakes and a little party treat bag.

week 8

As the children break up this week they are taking part in lots of their favourite activities - including choosing their favourite stories to listen to and favourite songs to sing. They will be making special goodbye cards and colouring sheets for Rachel and watching our special leavers DVD.

Week 7

This week the butterfly group woke up from their sleep and realised that their wonderful time in Wonderland had all been a dream. They created sensory story-telling bags, painted pictures of their favourite characters and wrote all about their favourite part of the story as well as going on a wonderland treasure hunt.

week 6

This week we met the Queen of hearts and enjoyed a game of croquet in the garden. We also painted all the white roses in the garden red (before the Queen saw them) and sang new songs - 'painting the roses red and '5 little playing cards'.

We made little playing card tabards to wear and as well as playing games of cards, we made our own cards with numbers and shapes on them.

We decorated little red hearts in the craft room and took part in an experiment to turn the white roses red using food colouring.

Week 5

This week we all had a very merry time as we joined in the Mad Hatters un birthday party in the role play room and outside in the garden.

We created lots of nonsense food and sang nonsense rhymes as well as singing 'a very merry unbirthday'

We made un birthday cup cakes and un birthday cards to give to a friend as well as decorating little porcelain tea cups using special pens. 

We took these home as a tea party keepsake.

Look at the pictures of al the fun things we got up to.


Week 4

The Cheshire Cat.

This week in our story, Alice met the Cheshire Cat.

We created paintings of the Cheshire Cat and made big smiles on sticks to hold for our Cheshire Cat disappearing song.

We played a game- 'Where's the Cheshire Cat hiding?' )taking turns to hide and find the cats hidden in the garden) as well as using our story land map to help Alice find her way to the White Rabbit, using directional language-forwards, backwards, straight ahead,left and right.

We held a littled discussion groups, talking about what schools we would all be going to in September adn drew pictures of ourselves, with big Cheshire Cat smiles, for our new teachers.  We also talked about waht makes us happy, like the Cheshire Cat and took part in lots of activities about feelings as well as joining in with our feelings, 'fabby daddy dee' dance CD.



Alice was still looking for the white rabbit when she met the Cheshire Cat.

"I'm looking for the white rabbit " said Alice. "Where  should I go?"

"Where do you want to go" said the cat.

"Well I don't know" said  Alice

" if you don't  know where you are going- it doesn't matter which way you go. "

"If I were looking for white rabbit I'd stand on my head" the silly cat said." If you go to the left you'll find the March hare"

"Or ..........if you go to the right you'll find the mad hatter."

Then the Cheshire Cat disappeared.

5 children to stand up with smiles on sticks to take part in our song which goes like this:-

Song- 5 little Cheshire cats sitting in a tree,

This way....that way, can you see.

Great big smiles from ear to ear,

Watch him magically disappear!

( one cat sits down)

4 little Cheshire cats etc..

Next week we will find out which way Alice went.

Left- or right!


Week 3

This week in our story, Alice met the blue caterpillar who asked"who are you".

We played a game, taking turns to sit in our special butterfly chair and say  our name as well as learning to clap to the syllables in our name.

We learnt all about the life cycle of a caterpillar, through  sequence cards, stories and  jigsaw puzzles. We made our own beautiful butterflies using organza and pipe cleaners.

Also in the story, Alice met the talking flowers , who asked her what sort of a flower she was.

We asked the children, if they were flowers, which type would they be and they created lovely pictures of themselves as flowers as well as  playing in our musical flower choir in the garden.

The children were also asked which of all our flower rooms was their favourite.they took photos of their favourite room( sunflower snack room, roses reading room, foxgloves finding out room, pansies pretend play room, busy Lizzie's activity room or marigolds messy room) and wrote about what activities they enjoyed doing the most in their favourite room.

Take a look at the photos of the many fun activities  we have taken part in this week.




As Alice went a little further  she  came to  a beautiful garden full of flowers. Good morning said the red rose.

Did you just talk said Alice.

Yes said the rose- all flowers talk in wonderland and we even sing.

All the flowers began to sing( we will be singing 'the  sun is shining and the flowers are dancing)


"What sort of a flower are you" said the rose.

"I'm not a flower. I'm Alice."

"Well I've never heard of that type of flower-  An Alice flower.

Listen everyone said the rose. She must be a  weed ". All the flowers began to laugh." Alice is a weed, Alice is a weed "they laughed.


"You are very rude and not kind" said Alice and ran off.

Soon she met a blue caterpillar sitting on a mushroom.

"Who are you " said the caterpillar

" I'm not sure" said Alice.

"I've changed  my size so many times today"



(In turn ask each child to sit in our butterfly chair and ask who are you?

See if they know their full name and then clap out the syllables in their name for them to copy.

Encourage all the children to also clap out each child's name)


The caterpillar began to spin round and round and then he turned into a butterfly.


" one side will make you larger and one side will make you smaller" he said.

"One side of what" said Alice.


"The mushroom of course" said the butterfly before he flew off.

Alice picked off a piece of the mushroom. She bit it and suddenly grew taller and taller. That's better she said.

Week 2

Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

This week in our story-Alice met the identical twins called Tweedledum and Tweedledee.  We took part in lots of identical challenges such as our identical consturction challenge, and our identical instrument challenge.

We painted symmetrical pictures and also played an identical movement game.  We chose a friend to be our twin and copied all the different movements they performed.

We painted Father's Day cards and also made speical 'eat me' cookies.


Story week 2

Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

( parts- Alice - wearing a dress, Tweedledum and Tweedledee wearing caps)

Alice ran and ran through the wonderland  forest.she was looking for the white rabbit but she met Tweedledum and Tweedledee. they were twins.

"how do you do, shake hands, shake hands,

How do you do shake hands, shake hands........ That's manners they said"

( here we will be asking all the children to turn and face the child next to them. They are  to pretend to be identical twins and copy the actions  demonstrated patting hands on knees , then clapping and then crossing their arms out in front of them to shake hands twice with their twin as they repeat the words- "how do you do, shake hands, shake hands")

They began to tell lots of silly stories to Alice . Then she ventured further into the forest - still in search of the white rabbit.

Week 1

This week we joined in with our first part of our Alice in Wonderland story-where Alice followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and went through the door into Wonderland.  We had dressing up outfits and story props to use, such as eat me cokkies, 'drink me' bottles and little door with a talking door knob.

We played in our role play rabben warren den, where we had different size carrots to size and count.  We then had to count out different numbers keys to match the different numbered doors and we made special bottles with magic brass wonderland keys attached.  We filled our special bottles with different coloured salt using a scoop and a funnel.

We also played with an assortment of bottles and containers outside in the water trough-using pipes, guttering, funnels and pipettes to transport water.

In our foxgloves room we looked at clocks and made our own little pocket watches-copying numbers and recalling all our 'special times' on the back.

Alice said in her world everything would be nonsense-so we created our own imaginary worlds in the craft room using paints and also wrote what our world would be like.

We played an 'eat me', 'drink me' shrinking and growing game in the physical room-having a go at doing different stretching activities.

We were all put into different teams, Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat and Playing Cards and we collected playing card tokens for our teams for displaying good behaviour.  On arrival we also had our own character picture cards which we posted into the little wonderland door

What an exciting and fun packed first week in Wonderland.


Here is the first part of the story:

Story - part one

Down the rabbit hole.

( we will be giving parts to 3 children.One  will be Alice with a blue dress.

One will be the white rabbit with rabbit ears and a pocket watch and one will be a door with a cardboard door shape  to hold- with a face on the front.)

Our props will be a little box with cardboard biscuits inside and a bottle with a 'drink me' label on the front)

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Alice. She was listening to her sister read but she was getting so bored.

"Boring, boring  " says Alice- "there are no pictures."

"In my world all books would have pictures."

"That's nonsense" said her sister.

"Well in my world, everything would be nonsense".

Alice fell to sleep dreaming about her special world.

In my world all the flowers would have faces and special powers. they'd be able to talk for hours and hours.

All the animals would wear clothes and talk like people  and live in their own  houses.

Just then a white rabbit ran by. he was wearing a giant pocket watch

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date,

No time to say hello goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

White rabbit, white rabbit, wait shouted Alice and she ran after him. He went into a rabbit hole and Alice followed him

She fell down, down down the rabbit hole.

When she got to the bottom she saw a little door." Can I get in?" said Alice.

"You're too big "said the door knob.

Try the bottle. Alice picked up the bottle- it said drink me.

So she did. Alice shrank- smaller and smaller and smaller.

She was small enough to get through the door but it was locked.  She was too small to reach the key.

"Try the box"  said the doorknob. Alice opened the box and found a cookie that said eat me. She ate the cookie and grew bigger and bigger and bigger.

Oh no sobbed Alice. She began to cry and cry and her tears filled the room with water.


"The bottle, the bottle"  shouted the door knob. Alice took a drink from the bottle again and shrank smaller and smaller  until she fell into the bottle.

She sailed in her little bottle through the sea of Tears through the door and into a strange land.

It was wonderland.


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