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Ted the bear


My name is Ted the bear and I live here at Stepping Stones Pre-school.

I like to join in the fun and games-and if ever you need a cuddle I am always here.

What I like most of all is to go on exciting adventures, so if ever you are going anywhere special a trip to the park, a party or on holiday then don't forget to ask if I can come along too.  I sometimes like to squeeze into your bag just to come home with you for tea.

Maybe you would like to take photographs of the fun we are haivng together and write in my diary and then we can tell everyone about our adventures and our picture can be put up on the wall for everone to see, also our picture can on our website.



Ted the bear

Ted the bear travels to New York City

Ted The Bear's adventures in New York...

From boarding the plane, riding in a Limo, to Central Park, to the Apple shop, The Empire State Building, eating ice cream, looking out of the hotel window, and it all getting a bit too much at the end of the day!
Ted the bear travelled  all the way to New York City, have a look at some of the places he travelled to.  Where will he go next?
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