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Parent Partnership

At Stepping Stones we really value strong parent partnership.  We know that you know your child best and through our partnership we can really give your child the best opportunities and experiences at nursery.  

We are introducing and continuing many of our 'home activities' for you to take home with you. These activities provide excellent materials to help your child learn and develop. If you take one of these activities home with you, they also have a diary to record how your child plays and explores these toys. This allows us to have insight about how they play and learn in a different enviornemnt, and we can adapt our activities at nursery appropiately for your child.  


Have a look at some of our fantastic home activities by clicking on the menu on the left : Toy library sacks, my life scrapbooks, homework folders, catterboxs, and ted the bear.


If you would like to something home, please see a member of staff and they can help you find an activity.



Also here is a link to a handy parental guide to the Early Years Foundation Stages.


What to expect, when?

Here is a guide to your child's learnign and development in the EYFS, taken from

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