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Check out our new 'Fantastic finding room', WOW cards, and new term newsletters!

Fantastic Finding Out Room

Welcome to our new and exciting Fantastic Finding Room! In this room the children will be able to explore different learning areas, such as; history, geography and science. 


Characteristcs of Effective Learning- Finding out and Exploring, being involved and concentrating and having their own ideas.  Our new room really allows the children to be engaged in all three areas of effective learning.

This new room will also allow the children to access many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage


Some of these statements include, but are not limited to:


  • Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familar world, such as the place where they live or the natural world.
  •  Talks about why things happen and how things work
  •  Build stories around toys
  •  Looks at book independently
  •  Questions why things happen and gives explanations



february 2019

Take a look at our new mark making 'indoor cave'. The walls have been covered in wallpaper to represent the inside of a cave and the children can choose from a variety of mark making materials to create pictures and patterns on them (like in our story - Cave Baby). We have a huge variety of 'help yourself' resources - paper, tracing paper, cards, envelopes, wipeboards etc and an even bigger choice of mark making equipment such as chalks, charcoals, felt tips, wax crayons, marker pens, pencils and paint pens. The children can collect their resources and set them out to use on the table. They can then store their creations in their own little pull out tray or display them in our gallery. We have a tuff spot, which week by week we will change, so that we are providing different materials to make marks in, other than paper. The picture below shows coloured rice and sticks but we will also be using sand, cornflour, shaving foam and salt. On the floor we will be using large sheets of paper to mark make on, trying different techniques. Our mark making will also be extended outdoors, where we will be painting with water, chalking on stones and slabs, painting with powder paint and spray bottles and much more.

april 2018-february 2019

We have renovated our theme room into our own Stepping Stones house.

We have a kitchen/ dining area where the boys and girls can cook and serve up  breakfast, dinner and tea using a range of real cooking equipment and bakeware, as well as using lots of real food packages, tins and bottles for looking at and recognising environmental print and Logos.

Whilst playing in the kitchen we will be talking about our own family routines, what we like to eat and take  part in lots of ‘healthy eating activities.’

We have a comfy living room where the children can relax to watch tv or read magazines and comics from the magazine rack.Then there’s a Bedroom with a bed and a bookcase full of bedtime stories and a toy box full of some of our favourite toys. We will be talking about our bedtime routines.

In our nursery area we can cars for the babies- dressing them, bathing them, feeding them and even take them out of the house for a walk in their pushchairs.

Each week in our house we will have a different activity to take part in , such as creating family trees, drawing Street maps where we live, completing home and family jigsaws as well as exploring our box of household objects and appliances.

We will be linking role play and activities in other rooms to our Stepping Stones  house. For example, we will be visiting our supermarket to buy groceries to take back home to cook for tea, take our pets out of the home for a visit  to the vets and explore the creative room where we can make printings and pictures to take back to put up  on the walls of our home.

september 2017-march 2018

Take a look at our theme room which we have transformed into a construction site.

The children will be able to play in the site office- ordering supplies and  drawing up architectural plans- or get down to some hard graft on the site, where they can create buildings with the various construction materials, learn to use the different tools and play with the small world construction play troughs- which we will change each week to incorporate different materials to explore.

When they are ready for a tea break they can pretend to pour tea from their flasks into their enamel cups and eat a packed lunch from their lunch boxes. If they are feeling really  hungry they can pop next door and eat a big hearty breakfast in the role play cafe.

The children will be discovering lots of different objects in the environment and learning about the different materials they are made of as well as discovering different features of objects, noticing patterns and shapes in the environment and talking all about the world we live in.

They have lots of 'loose parts' to discover such as pieces of wood, cable reels, plastic pipes, guttering, slate tiles and bricks.They will be able to play with the objects as they wish- encouraging creativity, critical thinking and allowing them to become engaged in play- developing their own ideas

This room provides learning opportunities in ALL areas of learning .

They will be learning and using lots and lots of mathematical language- numbers, shapes, ( 2d and 3D) positions, weights, measures and quantities as well as using number names  in play.

Our theme will be extending in our 'builders yard' garden, where they can use a variety of different objects and materials, transport materials using builders buckets and  troughs and mixing their own cement to  build with.

Because it is a restricted area for builders only we will be supplying hard hats and builders tabards to wear.

Take a look at the photos below but don't forget to check out our Facebook post each week where we will be sharing all the new activities on offer with you.




june-july 2017

Take a look at our new Superhero City theme room. 

We have a dark den where we can go to crack the secret codes so that we can take part in our special superhero missions( using spy pens and torches so that we can write in the dark- encouraging mark making.) but also where we can go to sit quietly, chat to our fellow Superheroes or take a look at our assorted books and comics. 

We can play imaginatively with our small world superhero city as well as dressing up as Superheroes ourselves from our variety of costumes, where we can act out our own role play with our friends. We have a magic mobile vehicle, 3D shaped weapons and assorted gadgets and junk box skyscraper buildings and hideouts. 

We even have the opportunity to make our own masks, capes and create our own made up Superhero names by making identity badges in our headquarters- where we can also use the telephone directory to call up our superheroes when we need their help to fight a crime or rescue our friends. 

Each week there will be a fun activity to 'make and do' as well as being able to take part in experiments and create superpowers in our laboratory. 

Our superheroes theme doesn't end in this room as each week we will have different things to create in our craft room, physical challenges in the physical room and garden as well as taking part in fun circle time games, songs and stories in our reading room. 

This room covers all 7 areas of learning and development and all our learning opportunities showing how we cover these can be viewed on our welcome room wall display.

january-february 2017

Troll Village


Our fantastic finding out room has been transformed into Troll Village' 

We are encouraging boys and girls to find their 'happy place' in this room. 

We will be promoting positive behaviour and encouraging children to think and talk about things that make them happy. 

We will be having troll parties and the children will be able to sing their favourite songs, dance to music and play musical instruments in our Rock n troll performance corner as well as get dressed up and get their hair done in our 'Hair up' trolls salon. 


Each week we will have Princess Poppy's table top activities that the children can take part in, such as creating hug bracelets, glitter scrapbooks full of happy thoughts and princess poppy cupcakes. 

We will have a happy troll forest area where we will be learning about the natural environment and how things grow, as well as a 'weather area' with cloud guy, so that we can learn about different weather and the change of seasons.

september-october 2016

Disney Delights


This term we have packed a variety of our favourite Disney toys and activities into our theme room - so there is something for everyone. 

We have a pooh bear corner where the children can sit on comfy cushions to chat with a friend or look through our lovely pooh bear stories. 

We will be talking about the real animals that live in the woods- bears, rabbits and owls and also be learning how bees make honey and how trees and plants grow. 


Another environment for the children to explore is our 'finding Dory' sealife' table- where they can discover the different fish, shells, coral and sea creatures. 


We have a Disney palace with a variety of Prince and Princess outfits for the children to dress up in and recall their favourite fairy tales, as well as our Frozen activity centre with Frozen character toys and various learning activities, such as snowball size sorting, Olaf snap and snowflake dominoes. 


On our centre tables- The African plaines is the setting for our Lion King toys.This table will be changed every couple of weeks into a different Disney theme.

june-july 2016

We have transformed our finding out room into our 'Beauty and the Beast' room to go with our theme this half term. 

We have a bubble and brew corner where the children will be able to play with water, tea leaves and bubbles using our new tea set. Through these activities we will be learning about capacity and using lots of mathematical language ( size, quantity and numbers) 

There is a 'west wing' area , where they can explore the real roses using their senses and learn all about growth and decay, as well as having a go at drawing rose pictures using a variety of 

Mark making equipment and making roses with different tools. Each week we will be taking part in different 'make and do' activities in our West Wing. 

We also have Belles library where the children can sit and look at a variety of books and even write their own stories- as well as enjoying an enchanted tea party at our 'be our guest' table with their friends. 

We have a construction area where they can design and build castles - looking at pictures and photographs of real castles and making their own inventions , just like Maurice, Belle's father, and there's plenty of room to display all the lovely creations we will be making, such as magic mirrors, stained glass windows and enchanted story characters. 

There is also an 'help yourself' shelf ,where the children are able to choose different activities such as jigsaws, colouring pictures and communication and language and literacy games.

april 2016

Our theme room has been transformed into Never Never Land, where we will spend the next term flying off for fun filled adventures with Peter Pan and Wendy.

Before entering the room the boys and girls must sprinkle some pixie dust and think of a happy thought.

Are you ready.... Then take a look.

There's the lost  boys underground  hideout, where you can enjoy cosy chats with your friends and listen to Wendy's stories

Mermaid lagoon,Indian camp, Captain hooks pirate ship and skull rock, where you can enjoy dressing up as pirates, discovering  treasure and create pirate maps.

Do you believe in fairies- then come and discover Tinks Table- where each week there will be a fun 'make and do' activity to take part in.

Not only does this room focus on understanding the world and exploring different environments but it encourages creative play and using our imagination.

november 2015

Take a look at our magical Nutcracker Land theme room.

We have The clockmakers workshop, where we will be able to take a look at a variety of different clocks and watches and make our own little watches and clock faces.

We will be talking all about different times of the day and our routines as well as different times in our lives- past and present.


We have our magical Christmas Corner, where we can discuss our own family traditions, explore the Christmas sensory treasure baskets and take a look through our lovely new Christmas stories.

As the weeks go by we will be decorating our own trees as well as making tree decorations.


We have the land of snow with lots of sensory resources to explore and here we will be able to discover and learn about all the Arctic animals.


And finally- our colourful land of sweets- which the children will be able to sort count, weigh and thread.

They will be making lots of their own Christmas sweet treats over the next term.

In this room we will be playing classical music from the nutcracker ballet , dressing up, playing musical instruments and having a truly magical time!


Take a look at our new fantastic finding out room.It has been transformed into an indoor garden with flowers, plants and mini beasts to explore- with lots of natural objects and resources so that we can learn about features in the natural environment, about growth and decay, life cycles of plants and creatures and much more.

There's a potting shed, where we can pretend to grow our flowers  as well as growing real flowers from bulbs and seeds, and we will be learning the names of lots of different flowers and finding out how they grow.

We even have a little 'still life' artist area, where  we will display something of interest for the children to explore using their senses and each week the children will be provided with crayons, pastels and pens to  create a picture of it.

february half term

Take a look at our fantastic finding our room. A world of discovery - where the children will be exploring and finding out about different sea creatures, looking at picture books, playing with toy creatures as well as looking at real fish. We have a variety of different play areas set our including a mermaid lagoon, pirate hideout, a sensory sea life area and a dressing up area as well as a cosy under water den where the children can relax or sit looking through our may sea creature story books.

October half term

This term we have transformed our theme room into a truly magical frozen ice palace.

We have created story telling settings with an ice mountain , Elsa's castle and characters from the story, so that the children can re tell as well as make up their own frozen stories.

There are lots of sensory activities to explore including fake snow,foam,ice and water and the children will be able to construct ice castles  using pretend blocks of ice, as well as real frozen fractals and jelly cubes.

The children will be discovering the process of melting and freezing water as they  take  part in lots of experiments.

There will be a cosy castle so that the children can  sit and look at a variety of winter books ( fictional and factual) as well as taking a sleigh ride through the snow to discover and learn all about the arctic animals.

We will have an 'Arendale area' where the children can learn facts and legends from the country Norway, as this is where the Frozen story is set and they will be taking part in  Norwegian  traditions.

We also have ice thrones where the children will be taking part in and learning all about the Queen's Coronation.

The children will be having so much fun this term through a topic which is so popular, but there are lots and lots of learning opportunities in all areas of learning and development ,all of which can be read about on our welcome room display.

Also - don't forget to pick up a 'Frozen' newsletter or view the newsletter on our current term page.

September half term

This term we have transformed our finding out room into a jungle and 'exploring Africa' area with safari animals, a safari hut and even a jeep to go on our pretend safari. There are lots of fictional and non fictional books to explore all about discovering Africa and learning about the different homes, language and ways of life as well as the animals that live in the different environments such as the plains, the desert and the rainforest. We have lots of objects from Africa to explore such as musical instruments, wooden carvings and even a real ostrich egg. There's so much to discover and so much fun to be had! Look at all the photos of our new room.

May Half Term

This term the children will be able to explore the deep dark woods.  The room  is filled with natural resources to explore and discover. In the 'Gruffalo's den' the children will be encouraged to use lots of vocabulary while exploring this nice cozy area.

 There are also rhyming activities to take part in and a woodland creature picnic. 


In the mermaid lagoon the children can imagine they are underwater and explore the different sea creatures. They also have a cozy area in this space to encourage lots of chatter. 


The weather board will allow the children to talk abot different weather they experience.  We have different clothing to look through and decide what clothing you would wear with the different weather.


Novemeber half term

For this term we have transformed our finding room.  In the geography area we have a space centre and a winter wonderland, where will be discovering animals in the artic (North Pole) and Antarctica (South Pole). We have a range of new books for the children to explore and an igloo den to play in.


In our science corner, to link with our winter wonderland we will be taking part in lots of experiments with ice and water. 


Our history area this term we will be learning all about Diwali.  We will be listening to the story of Rama and Sita, creating diva lamps and creating rangoli patterns which will be displayed on the wall, plus lots more activites during our special 'Diwali week'.

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