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Dancing Sessions

We have introduced new types of dance and excersice classes for the butterflies, which they are to take part in if they wish.  They are also involved in deciding what kind of dancing or exercises we should have at Stepping Stones.  So far Emma has introduced boxercise and ballet. 


In ballet the children have learnt a few preparatory dance moves, such as dancing arms, pony trots, plies, and curtseys.  Well done butterflies!

Keep looking back for more photos and updates of our new classes.  See if your child can show you some moves at home :)


If your child has been enjoying our dance sessions- check out ,Devas' - a dance school for

tots, with classes in ballet, street dancing and disco for 3-5 year old





Yoga Pretzels


Yoga Pretzels is a new physical activity introduced to the butterflies to help engage children in new ways of moving.

There are 50 fun moves the children can explore, some moves work on balancing( downward dog, tree pose, warrior), team work, breathing and creative play.


These great exercises are great for the children and link directly with the EYFS.


Characteristics of Effective Learning


To engage in Yoga Pretzels the children will initiate with the new activity and seek out a challenge.  This new experience will allow them to take a risk and learn how to balance by trial and error.  If at first they can not complete the moves they will need to persist with the activity.


These moves will predominantly focus on Physical development.  Here are a few direct links to the EYFS


Physical Development


30-50 months Can stand momentarily on one foot when shown.


40-60 months- Experiments with different ways of moving


Communication and Language


30-50 months Is able to follow directions


Being Imaginative


30-50 months


Uses movement to express feelings.


40-60 months


Initiatives new combinations of movement and gesture in order to express and respond to feelings, ideas and experiences.

Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle is a dancing session which incorporates large gross motor movements both while dancing and then with mark making pens.


‘Co-ordination is the key skill in assisting a child to become a successful writer’ ( Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle’ Shonette Bason)


Direct Links to EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages)

Physical Development

30-50 months Use one handed tools and equipment

Draw lines and circles using gross motor movements

Manipulates objects with increasing control



Begin to use anti clockwise movement and retrace vertical lines

Begin to form recognisable letters

Dough Disco and One Direction Dancing

This week the children have bee taking part in our popular 'dough disco' with Rachel.
Disco music is played and the children dance whilst holding a small ball of coloured play 
dough in their hands- which they squeeze, pat and roll in time to the music.This helps 
develop their fine motor skills and the children love it.
They especially love it when we turn the lights off and put the disco ball on!
Some of our girls like the boy band- 'one direction' and so Emma
 has been teaching the children a few dance moves to their song-'live while you're 



Our cheer leading sessions went down a treat. The children were each given Pom poms to 
dance with.We danced to high school musical and learnt a little cheerleaders chant:-
My name's..........
I am great!
Each child took a turn at the chant whilst shaking their Pom poms and calling out their own
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