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week 3 

This week we are listening to the stories- Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs and Harry And the robots .
We will be using nuts, bolts, washers and shiny screws to create robots on our tinkering table and we will be working in groups to create giant robots and dinosaurs on the floor using various loose parts and materials
We will be learning the names of dinosaurs and talking about their different features as well as learning lots of amazing dinosaur facts.

Week 2 

This week we will be talking all about our favourite toys as we play in our role play toy shop and listen to the story of Tatty Ratty (Molly's favourite toy rabbit). We will be sharing Tatty Ratty's many adventures as we play with the space rockets, the pirate ship and in The 3 Bears Kitchen. In the creative room, we will be using toys to paint with (such as racing cars, trains and Lego blocks).

week 1 

This week we are talking all about our Christmas and bringing little bits of Christmas in to create memory boards (such as cards, decorations, pieces of gift wrap, jokes from crackers etc). We are playing with Superheroes, littlest pet animals and In the Night Garden and listening to the story of the Stick Man.

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