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february home project

Take a look at our home project.

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September half term

We are setting up a new pen pal project- this time writing to children in Vietnam ( in Asia).

Vietnam is a long long way away and my daughter Megan lives there. she works in a school , where she teaches children to speak English- just like us.
Would you like to write a letter to a child in Vietnam and they can become your pen friend?
Write a letter all about yourself. What is your name? How old are you? Where do you live?What do you like to do, e.g toys you like to  play with and places you like to visit. What food do you like to eat and what songs do you like to sing?
You can draw a picture or even put in a photograph of yourself.
Bring your letter into Pre school and we will post it for you.
We will then wait for the postman who will hopefully bring us lots of letters back and the children will tell us all about their life and their school in Vietnam.
Thank you Emma.

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